Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SBL Program Book is Now Up

I was happy to log on this morning and see this November's SBL program book up on the SBL website. The most important for me is session 22-149, where I'll be presenting on Anti-anthropomorphisms and the Vorlage of LXX Exodus:

It has long been recognized that the Greek translations of the Hebrew Bible often tend away from literal renderings of anthropomorphic passages. LXX Exod 24:10, interjecting "the place where God stood" in an effort to avoid intimating that God has a visible form, is a clear example of this theological emendation. The use of the resumptive adverb ekei in the Greek, however, betrays a uniquely Hebrew syntactical construction, and seems to reveal a Hebrew parent text that already contained the de-anthropomorphic element. This paper will investigate the LXX translations of anthropomorphic passages from Exodus and evaluate the possibility that the Hebrew Vorlage to LXX Exodus already contained a number of the de-anthropomorphic elements traditionally attributed to the exegesis of the translators.

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