Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Heiser's "So What Exactly is an elohim?"

I came across an interesting article by Michael Heiser (here) that discusses the taxonomy of the word "elohim." Rather than incorporate a wider Near Eastern context, Heiser focuses primarily on the biblical contextualization, even including New Testament ideologies. Although I disagree with the presumption of a univocal biblical text and the neglect shown other Northwest Semitic manifestations of the word (see Joel S. Burnett's dissertation for a comprehensive discussion. I discuss it here), I found much worth contemplating in his paper, and I think it's excellent that Heiser has devoted so much time to the Divine Council. I hope you enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Heiser is an actual scholar who draws his doctine from the Bible; you on the other hand, Daniel McCellan, have your presupposed notions of theologyh shaped by the Mormon cult which you try to read into the Bible. Give me Heiser anytime.